Most Recent Work:
Shawn St-Amant, Colorado Eagles Forward

Joey Ratelle, Colorado Eagles Forward

Ryan Tobler, Coach, Colorado Eagles

Sam Brittain, Colorado Eagles Goal Tender


I am a westerner transplanted from the Midwest in the late '60's, lured into the field of high tech, which has been good to me over the years. But as my wife, mother, and worker days started to come to a close, there was something missing.

A few years ago, I was very fortunate to have had a visit from an old friend, Midge Grace, a gifted teacher of painting at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico. Midge turned on the creative faucet which I would never dream of turning off. All of a sudden I was seeing the world in Technicolor; shapes, lights, darks, colors, textures. I found myself trying to negotiate my way through the intimidating world of paints and supplies…and having a ball!

What's my philosophy of painting? Learn and keep learning. Do and keep doing. I find that as I continue to paint, I discover something new with every painting and I get a hint of just how far there is to go. That means there is almost no chance I can stop. I begged friends to let me borrow their pet photos for “practice.” And then there was no turning back.

My greatest thanks to all of those who have encouraged me, to all my friends who have put up with me, and to my niece, Jennie Seay, who designed this beautiful website. Thanks especially to all of you who have something to love…something to preserve and enjoy in a painting.

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